Widefield & Tiling – Paris, France

System description & applications

The microscope system automated by INSCOPER serve to perform wide field fluorescence, bright field with a color camera, high-content sreening like, FRET and time lapse experiments.

The system is used on the platform by different researchers.



microscope device list

  • Microscope : Zeiss Axio Observer 7

  • Illumination:  XCite 120PC

  • Filter wheel: Sutter Lambda 10-3

  • Stage: Marzhauser 130*100 STEP & controller SMC2009

  • Camera: Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 V3

  • Camera: IDS UI-3880CP-C-HQ

More system realizations

Light-Sheet/SPIM – Toulouse, France

Light-Sheet/SPIM – Toulouse, France

The SPIM (Selective Plane Illumination Microscope) is a microscope based on a light sheet excitation. It allows fast optical sectioning, in 3D and in depth for the living, it also offers multi-view acquisition possibilities. Researchers use this system to observe a...

3D High Throughput Imaging – Nice, France

3D High Throughput Imaging – Nice, France

This microscope is used for multi-dimensional image acquisition of fluorescently‐tagged proteins to follow the dynamics of cellular structures. Samples are imaged in high content screening conditions with three dimensions and three channels for each sample....

PALM, TIRF, FRAP – Berkeley, California

PALM, TIRF, FRAP – Berkeley, California

The microscope was originally designed as a TIRF system for PALM imaging. A photomanipulation module (FRAP) has been added, this modality is now combined with the TIRF technique in a user-friendly interface. This system is used for fast single molecule tracking in...