Microscopy 2.0 : Our vision

Fluorescence Microscopy has revolutionized Research in Life Sciences, as it enables scientists to image live cells and molecules. However, in addition to low performance, bugs and connectivity issues, most researchers and microscopy facility managers are faced with poor user experience on a daily basis. Microscopes have become complex imaging benches with multiple devices that need to be coordinated. Unfortunately, they are controlled by non-industrially designed software, running on the Windows operating system.

At Inscoper, we consider the Control function to be the brain of the microscope. We understand how important it is for performance and for providing researchers with more and better data. We are also convinced that the Control and Automation system is key to the future of Fluorescence Microscopy, for example in Artificial Intelligence techniques and Medical Diagnosis use.

The Inscoper hardware-based solution has been designed by electronics engineers and developed with users, for users, to respond to these challenges.

Inscoper founding team : Who we are

Inscoper is a spin-off of the Institute of Genetics and Development in Rennes (France).

We develop and sell control and image acquisition solutions for life science microscopy systems.

We aim to maximize the performance and user-friendliness of microscopes to help researchers in life sciences make new discoveries.

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