INSCOPER image acquisition software integrates and synchronizes any device or add-on 
with advanced video microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss. 

The list is updated regularly. Our engineers add new devices according to customer projects and manufacturers’ requests.

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Type Manufacturer Reference
Camera (N-Trig) AmScope MU series
Camera (N-Trig) Biostep EagleIce
Camera (N-Trig) Direct Electron DECamera
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC290
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC3000 G
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC300FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC310FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC340FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC345FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC350FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC360FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC365FX
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC400
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC420
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC450C
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC490
Camera (N-Trig) Leica DFC495
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity1-1M
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity1-2CB
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity1-3
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity1-5
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity2-1
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity2-1R
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity2-2
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity2-3
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity2-5
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity3-1
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity3-1UR
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity3-3
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity3-6
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation Infinity4-11
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation InfinityLite
Camera (N-Trig) Lumenera Corporation InfinityX-32 (native 2 Megapixel only)
Camera (N-Trig) Motic Monochrome and color
Camera (N-Trig) PCO 1200/1300/1600 series
Camera (N-Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP cf
Camera (N-Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP cf2
Camera (N-Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP ES
Camera (N-Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP ES2
Camera (N-Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP EZ
Camera (N-Trig) QImaging Rolera Bolt
Camera (N-Trig) Quantum Scientific Imaging QSI Camera
Camera (N-Trig) Scion ScionCam
Camera (N-Trig) Sigma Koki Camera
Camera (N-Trig) The Imaging Source TIScam
Camera (Trig) ABS ABS Camera
Camera (Trig) Andor Clara
Camera (Trig) Andor iKon
Camera (Trig) Andor iXon
Camera (Trig) Andor Luca
Camera (Trig) Andor Neo
Camera (Trig) Andor Zyla
Camera (Trig) Apogee Apogee Camera
Camera (Trig) Basler Ace USB
Camera (Trig) Diagnostic Instruments Spot
Camera (Trig) Finger Lakes Instrumentation FLICamera
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C7190-2x
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C8484-03G01
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C9100-02
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C9100-12
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C9100-14
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu ImagEM X2
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca 100 1394
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca 3CCD (C7780-10)
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca 3CCD (C7780-20)
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca D2
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca II ER
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca II-BTG-1024
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca II-BTG-512
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca R2
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-285
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-Flash 2.8
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-HR
Camera (Trig) Jenoptik ProgRes series
Camera (Trig) Mightex C-series
Camera (Trig) Olympus XIMEA
Camera (Trig) PCO pco.flim series
Camera (Trig) PCO pco.pixelfly series
Camera (Trig) PCO pco.panda series
Camera (Trig) PCO pco.sensicam series
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade 128
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade 1K
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade 512B
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade 512F
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade 650
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade II 512
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP DYNO
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP FX
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP K4
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP Kino
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP Myo
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Evolve 128
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Evolve 512 Delta
Camera (Trig) Photometrics QuantEM
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Blackfly
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Chameleon CMLN-13S2C
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Chameleon CMLN-13S2M
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Flea3
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Grasshopper Express Color
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Grasshopper Express Monochrome
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Grasshopper3
Camera (Trig) Point Grey Scorpion
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments MicroMax
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments PICam
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments ProEM 1024
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments ProEM 512
Camera (Trig) QImaging optiMOS
Camera (Trig) QImaging QIClick
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga 1300 Color
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga 1300 Monochrome
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga 2000R
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga 4000R
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga 6000
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga EXi
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga EXi Aqua
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga Exi Blue
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga R1, R3, R3-Color, R6
Camera (Trig) QImaging Retiga-SRV
Camera (Trig) QImaging Rolera EMC2
Camera (Trig) QImaging Rolera MGI
Camera (Trig) QImaging Rolera-XR
Camera (Trig) Raptor Photonics RaptorEPIX
Camera (Trig) Stanford Photonics Piper
Camera (Trig) Thorlabs DC* Cameras
Camera (Trig) Tucsen Dhyana
Camera (Trig) Veroptics Veroptics Camera
Camera (Trig) Ximea Ximea Cameras
Camera (Trig) Zeiss AxioCam
Filter Wheel ASI FW-1000
Filter Wheel ASI RM-2000
Filter Wheel Cairn OptoSpin
Filter Wheel Conix Filter Changers
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation 6xx 1xx
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation CenterLine
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation CFW
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation HSFW
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation Incite
Filter Wheel Finger Lakes Instrumentation Signa 550
Filter Wheel PerkinElmer (CRI) (Improvision) Varispec
Filter Wheel Thorlabs FW102C
Filter Wheel Thorlabs FW103H/M
Light Source 89 North LDI-WF
Light Source 89 North PhotoFluor
Light Source 89 North PhotoFluor II
Light Source Andor Laser Combiner
Light Source Andor MicroPoint Laser System
Light Source Asahi Spectra HAL-320
Light Source Asahi Spectra LAX-C100
Light Source Asahi Spectra MAX-301
Light Source Asahi Spectra MAX-302/ 303
Light Source Bluebox Optics niji
Light Source Cairn OptoLed
Light Source Cairn OptoLed Lite
Light Source Cairn OptoScan
Light Source Cairn OptoSource
Light Source CoolLED pE-100
Light Source CoolLED pE-2
Light Source CoolLED pE-300
Light Source CoolLED pE-340 fura
Light Source CoolLED pE-800
Light Source CoolLED pE-800 fura
Spinning Disk Confocal CrestOptics X-light V2
Spinning Disk Confocal CrestOptics X-Light V3
Light Source Lumencor Aura Light Engine
Light Source Lumencor CELESTA
Light Source Lumencor CIA
Light Source Lumencor LIDA
Light Source Lumencor LUMA & RETRA
Light Source Lumencor MIRA
Light Source Lumencor PEKA
Light Source Lumencor SOLA
Light Source Lumencor Spectra FIA
Light Source Marzhauser LED 100
Light Source Mightex BLS
Light Source Mightex SLC
Light Source Nikon Instruments C-HGFI
Light Source Omicron LedHUB
Light Source Omicron LightHUB
Light Source Omicron SOLE
Light Source Prior Scientific Brightfield LED
Light Source Prior Scientific Lumen100
Light Source Prior Scientific Lumen1600
Light Source Prior Scientific Lumen200
Light Source Prior Scientific Lumen300
Light Source ScopeLed B Series
Light Source ScopeLed F Series
Light Source ScopeLed G 180
Light Source Spectral Applied Research LMM5
Light Source Tofra RGB Led Illuminator
Light Source Vortran VersaLase Laser Controller
Microscope ASI SPIM
Microscope Leica DM4 B
Microscope Leica DM4000
Microscope Leica DM4500
Microscope Leica DM5000
Microscope Leica DM6 B
Microscope Leica DM6000
Microscope Leica DMI4000-B
Microscope Leica DM IRB
Microscope Leica DM IRBE
Microscope Leica DM IRE
Microscope Leica DM IRE2
Microscope Leica DM LA
Microscope Leica DM LFSA
Microscope Leica DM RA
Microscope Leica DM RAZ
Microscope Leica DM RBE
Microscope Leica DM RE
Microscope Leica DM RME
Microscope Leica DM RXA
Microscope Leica DM RXA2
Microscope Leica DM RXE
Microscope Nikon Instruments Eclipse LV150
Microscope Nikon Instruments TE2000\2000E
Microscope Nikon Instruments TE2000\2000E with PFS
Microscope Nikon Instruments TE2000E2
Microscope Nikon Instruments TE2000E2 with PFS
Microscope Olympus BX-51
Microscope Olympus BX-61
Microscope Olympus BX3-SSU
Microscope Olympus Cell^TIRF
Microscope Olympus IX-71
Microscope Olympus IX-73
Microscope Olympus IX3-SSU
Microscope Zeiss Axio Imager.M1
Microscope Zeiss Axio Imager.Z1
Microscope Zeiss Axioplan2
Microscope Zeiss Axioplan2+
Microscope Zeiss Definite Focus
RF & Synchro Drivers AA Optoelectronics AA AOTF
Light Source ASI Led Lamp Illuminator
Automation Controller System ASI TG-1000
Spectrometer Ocean Optics USB 2000
Automation Controller System Prior Scientific OptiScan
Multi-Micromanipulator System Prior Scientific ProScan
Multi-Micromanipulator System Sutter Instruments MP-265 / MPC-365
Multi-Micromanipulator System Sutter Instruments MP-285
Multi-Micromanipulator System Sutter Instruments MPC-200
Multi-Micromanipulator System Sutter Instruments MPC-325
Multi-Micromanipulator System Sutter Instruments MPC-385
Stage Tofra EZHR17EN
Spinning Disk Yokogawa CSU-22
Spinning Disk Yokogawa CSU-W1
Piezo ASI PZM-2000
Piezo nPoint D-200
Piezo Piezosystem 30DV50
Piezo Piezosystem d-Drive
Piezo Piezosystem FSM
Piezo Piezosystem MC-101
Piezo Piezosystem NV40/ NV120
Piezo Prior Scientific EZ10ZE
Piezo Prior Scientific LF100
Piezo Prior Scientific LF210
Piezo Prior Scientific NanoScanZ
Piezo Thorlabs MZS500-E
Shutter ASI SC-2000
Shutter ASI SH-2
Shutter Nikon Instruments Nikon TIRF Shutters
Shutter Sigma Koki Shutter
Shutter Thorlabs SC10
Shutter Vincent Associates Uniblitz VED24
Shutter Vincent Associates Uniblitz VMM-D1
Shutter Vincent Associates Uniblitz VMM-D3
Shutter Vincent Associates Uniblitz VMM-D4
Stage ASI MFC-2000
Stage ASI MS-2000 CRISP
Stage Biomedical Imaging Group PgFocus
Stage Conix Well Plate Positioners
Stage Conix XY Stages
Stage Conix Z-Motor
Stage ITK LMT200 (Hydra)
Stage Leica DMSTC XY stage
Stage Leica LMT200 Stage
Stage Leica LT260 Hydra Stage
Stage Linkam MDS 600
Stage Newport CONEX-CC
Stage Newport CONEX-IOD
Stage Newport SMC
Stage Nikon Instruments Nikon Remote Focus Accessory
Stage Pololu Maestro Servo
Stage Scientifica XYZ
Stage Sigma Koki XY Stage
Stage Sigma Koki Z Stage
Stage SmartAct HCU-3D \ CU-3D
Stage Standa 8-SMC4
Stage Standa 8-SMC5
Stage Thorlabs BSC201 Stage Controller
Stage Thorlabs MLS203
Stage WieneckeSinske WSB PiezoDrive CAN adapter
Stage Zaber Technologies A-MCB2 controller
Stage Zaber Technologies X-series
Stage Zeiss MCU-26
Stage Zeiss MCU-27
Stage Zeiss MCU-28
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu C9100-13
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca AG
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca ER
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca ERG 1394
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca ERG 1394 AG
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-Flash 4.0
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-Flash 4.0 LT
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-Flash 4.0 V2
Camera (Trig) Hamamatsu Orca-Spark
Camera (Trig) PCO pco.edge series
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Cascade II 1024
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ
Camera (Trig) Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ2
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Evolve
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Prime
Camera (Trig) Photometrics Prime 95B
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments PIXIS 1024
Camera (Trig) Princeton Instruments PIXIS 2048
Camera (Trig) QImaging QICAM
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-2
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-3 USB with Smart Shutter
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-B
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-B with Smart Shutter
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-C
Filter Wheel Sutter Instruments Lambda VF-5™ / VF-1™ / VF-10
Light Source Cobolt Laser Controller
Light Source Coherent Cube
Light Source Coherent Obis
Light Source Coherent Sapphire
Light Source CoolLED pE-4000
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) X-Cite 110
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) X-Cite 200DC
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) X-Cite Exacte
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) X-Cite Turbo / XT6000
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) X-Cite_XLED1
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) XCite 120LED Boost/mini
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) XCite 120PC
Light Source Excelitas Technologies (Lumen Dyn.) XCite XYLIS
Light Source Fianium WhiteLase Supercontinuum SC - 4x0
Light Source Leica EL-6000
Light Source Lumencor Spectra X Light Engine
Light Source Olympus Digital Laser
Light Source Omicron PhoxX, PhoxX+, LuxX, LuxX+, BrixX
Light Source Oxxius Laser combineur L4Cc & L6Cc
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda DG-4/DG-4 Plus
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda DG-5/DG-5 Plus
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda FLED
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda HPX
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda HPX-L5
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda TLED / TLED+
Light Source Sutter Instruments Lambda XL
Light Source Thorlabs DC4100
Light Source Thorlabs DC4104
Light Source Toptica FemtoFiber Smart
Light Source Toptica iChrome MLE
Light Source Toptica iChrome MLE TCP
Light Source Vortran Stradus Laser Controller
Light Source Zeiss Colibri 2
Light Source Zeiss Colibri
Microscope Leica DM12000
Microscope Leica DM8000
Microscope Leica DMI6000-B
Microscope Leica DMI6000-B with AFC
Microscope Leica DMi8
Microscope Nikon Instruments Eclipse i-Series 90i
Microscope Nikon Instruments Eclipse Ti
Microscope Nikon Instruments Eclipse Ti2
Microscope Olympus IX-81
Microscope Olympus IX-81 with ZDC
Microscope Olympus IX-81 with ZDC2
Microscope Zeiss Axio Observer 7
Microscope Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1
Microscope Zeiss Axiovert 100m
Microscope Zeiss Axiovert 200 M
Microscope Zeiss TIRF
Laser illumination controller Errol laser Starscan
Laser illumination controller Inscoper Inscoper scanFRAP
Laser illumination controller Gataca (Roper scientific) iLas2
Intensifier, Delay Generator Kentech Instruments High Rate Delay Generator
Intensifier, Delay GeneratorM Kentech Instruments High Rate Imager
Automation Controller System Ludl MAC 2000
Automation Controller System Ludl MAC 5000
Spinning Disk PerkinElmer (CRI) (Improvision) UltraView
Spectometer Princeton Instruments IsoPlane SCT 230
APD Thorlabs APD440A/A2
DC Servo Motor Controller Thorlabs KBD101
DC Servo Motor Controller Thorlabs TDC001
Spinning Disk Yokogawa CSU-X1
Shutter Electro-Optical Products EOPC - DSH-10
Shutter Sutter Instruments Lambda SC USB with Smart Shutter
Shutter Vincent Associates Uniblitz VCM-D1
Stage ASI MS2000
Stage Marzhauser CORVUS
Stage Marzhauser Hydra CM/RM/DT/TT
Stage Marzhauser LSTEP Stage Controller
Stage Marzhauser Tango DT
Stage Physik Instrumente PI GCS
Stage Physik Instrumente PI GSC2
Stage Thorlabs BSC101 Controller
Light Source Oxxius Laser diode LBX & LSX
Light Source Oxxius DPSS laser LCX & LPX
Light Source Oxxius L1C & L1C+ platform
Camera (N-Trig) PCO 2000 series
Camera (N-Trig) PCO 4000 series
Line-scanning confocal system Confocal.nl NL5
Re-scan confocal microscope Confocal.nl RCM2
Controller Linkam T96 system controller
Laser system Modulight ML6500 series/ ML6600 / ML6700
Piezo nanopositioner Mad City Labs (MCL) Nano-Drive
Motor stage Mad City Labs (MCL) Micro-Drive
Light source Prizmatix Milti-Wavelength LED Engine
Zoom & Focus Olympus SZX MDCU
Linear stage Newport FCL 100
Microfluidics New Era Pump Systems NE-1000 Syringe pump
LED Pulse Controller Gardasoft RT series
Filter Wheel Control Module Ludl Electronic Products MAC6000 73006080
Multi Shutter Control Module Ludl Electronic Products MAC6000 73006068
Filterwheel Andor Andor Rotr

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