Laser-induced DNA damage within a 4D/5D acquisition sequence

Sep 21, 2021 | Tutorials

INSCOPER markets a laser illumination controller that allows photomanipulation experiments to be performed on a video microscope within a multidimensional acquisition sequence.

This 4′ video shows an image acquisition with 3 sequences: before, during and after laser micro-irradiation to observe the recruitment phenomenon.
The cells used are U2OS cells in an 8-chamber glass holder, transfected with ALC1-GFP and labeled with Hoechst at 37°C.

The steps are as follows :
1. Define an ROI for laser irradiation.
2. Set 3 sequences for the acquisition :
     a. Before irradiation: timelapse of 50 images & 1 channel;
     b. During irradiation: Photomanipulation settings;
     c. After irradiation: timelapse of 500 images & 1 channel.
3. Choose the storage location for the dataset.
4. Start the acquisition and confirm.
5. Monitor the progress of the acquisition.
6. Visualize data.

You can also watch this dedicated tutorial about how to calibrate the FRAP laser illumination controller.


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