PALM, TIRF, FRAP – Berkeley, California

System description & applications

The microscope was originally designed as a TIRF system for PALM imaging. A photomanipulation module (FRAP) has been added, this modality is now combined with the TIRF technique in a user-friendly interface.

This system is used for fast single molecule tracking in living samples.


Microscope device list

  • Fully motorized microscope Nikon Ti with :
    • Objectives (6 positions)
    • 2x Dichroic cubes (6 positions)
    • Sideport (4 positions)
    • Focus stage
    • XY stage
    • Lamp Brightfield
    • Shutter Brightfield
    • TIRF (Angle, On/Off)
  • 2 Lambda 10-3 filter wheels 
  • Hamamatsu Orca V3 camera
  • One XCite 120 LED fluorescent light source
  • MCL piezo for the XY board
  • A Starscan Errol  laser with two XY galvos
  • 4 Coherent Obis lasers

More system realizations

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Light-Sheet/SPIM – Toulouse, France

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3D High Throughput Imaging – Nice, France

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